Secure you web applications

Automated dynamic testing of web backend APIs.

Feature 01

Test manually

Not convinced to integrate our tool to your pipelines? Try it first manually and detect security issues in your apps!

Feature 02

Add to CI/CD

Our command line tool, sailor makes running SecureAPI test easy as part of your Continuous Integration or Deployment. Set it once and stay secure!

Feature 03

Integrate with any build runner in less than 5 mins

Github actions, Gitlab runners, Jenkins agent, Bitbucket pipelines... You name it! We deliver docker image which allows to integrate to any CI runner with ease.

Feature 04

Stay up-to-date with best practices

As a Software as a Service company, we take from you burden of updating your security checks. Doesn't matter how long ago your integrated with our service, we will push updates and test for newly discovered vulnerabilities in web apps.

Feature 05

Fast execution

Worried that adding additional step will slow down your pipelines? Worry no more! Our test suite runs usually below 5 seconds.

Feature 06

Ready solutions

For each security issue found in your app, we have ready solutions. This saves your dev team tons of time and help them learn best security practices!

Timeboxed BETA

Our services are free to use until 1st of December 2020. After that we are going to charge you monthly. You can opt-in and opt-out anytime.

What you will get
  • Your web applications will stay secure
  • Your team gain understanding about security best practices in web development.
  • Ready solutions for your security issues

Still not convinced on buying?